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Celebrating Artistry at the Southwest Washington Watercolor Society's 2023 Spring Art Show

This April, the Ridgefield Community Library was abuzz with artistic vibrancy, hosting the Southwest Washington Watercolor Society (SWWS) 2023 Spring Art Show. This special event showcased a diverse palette of watercolor marvels from local artists, transforming the library into a lively exhibition of creativity and expression.
We have a curated tour of the award-winning pieces, highlighting the spectrum of artistic styles. Alongside these captivating works, you'll meet the imaginative minds behind the creations, uncovering their inspirations and artistic journeys. So, without further ado, let's embark on this exploration of artistic brilliance and community spirit.

Best of Show - Takako Ito

"Montezuma Valley Overlook, Mesa Verde"


First Place - Leah Murphy

"Low Tide In Petersburg"


Second Place - Nathun Finkhouse

"Where's The Fire?"


Third Place - Lee Baughman



Honorable Mention - Judith Howard

"Midday Shade"


Honorable Mention - Tao Zhou

"A Walk Down Cedar"


Honorable Mention - Linda Raven Brake



Honorable Mention - Denise McFadden

"Yellow-Headed Blackbirds In Cattails"


A special thanks go to our sponsors for their support in making this event happen. Their contributions were instrumental in the success of the show. We appreciate their commitment to the local arts community.

The SWWS 2023 Spring Art Show was far more than a display of art; it was a jubilant celebration of community, creativity, and the effervescent spirit of spring. This event was a poignant testament to the transformative power of art, illustrating its capacity to redefine spaces, spark imagination, and unify communities. Regardless of your familiarity with art, this show provided a visual delight for all.

Now, let's get to know the faces behind the art. Below, you'll find candid snapshots of the artists, proudly standing next to their masterpieces. These photos offer a glimpse into the personalities behind the pieces, giving life to the creative process that culminated in their vibrant works. Enjoy!

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