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SWWS 2022 Fall Show

Updated: Nov 19, 2022

On September 16 - 17, 2022, the Southwest Washington Watercolor Society celebrated its 2022 Fall Show at the Marshall House in the historic Officers' Row in Downtown Vancouver. There were several awards that were given by Jurors, Maria and Tomme Gonser, owners of the Attic Gallery in Camas, WA. There was Best of Show, First, Second, Third, Theme, and three Honorable Mentions.

Since the jurors, Maria and Tomme were not able to be at the award ceremony after they had judged all of the paintings, we asked them to write down all of the reasons they chose the winners and we have added their comments about each painting.

Best of Show - Denise McFadden "Crane Dance"

Great work! This painting is elegant, well executed, a good balance of color and negative space, movement and grace.

First - Leah Murphy "Cinque Terre Revisited"

Technically appealing. Technically a very well done painting. "Awe" factor, attention to detail, great composition.

Second - Mary Griffin-Emert "Blue Cat Blues"

Awesome capture. Great capture of personality, gesture with a limited palette.

Third - Takako Ito "Ibis, Symbolic of Study and Art"

Beautiful composition. Well executed, variety of color, a very unique application of color.

Theme Award - Tao Zhou "Morning Light"

Wonderful perspective. Great street scene, wonderful depth, accurate perspective. Nicely done.

People's Choice Award - Judith Howard "Bountiful"

Honorable Mention - Corrine McWilliams "I'll Have To Think About That"

The eyes - love it! Her eyes, shadows, a well done capture of a gesture and a personality.

Honorable Mention - Carolyn Gunderson "Autumn Snow Flurry"

This painting has movement, depth, unique colors. This artist captured the snow with creativity. Complex piece, great work.

Honorable Mention - Diana Thewlis "Silver Mist"

Gentle work. Ethereal, great application to create the mist.

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