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Trish Johnston

Art is my thing. I see the world as color and light and texture, all of which I find striking and beautiful. It’s what I try to capture in watercolor paintings. I became serious about watercolor 11 years ago and have honed my skills through workshops, classes, painting groups, and brush miles.

I am a juried member of the Southwest Washington Watercolor Society. After moving to Washougal in 2019, I set up my studio where I create and teach adult drawing and beginning watercolor classes. I have enjoyed being a part of the Washougal Artist Studio Tours both in the Spring and Holiday tours.

My accomplishments include several ribbons and prizes in the SWWS fall shows. I am currently the workshop chairperson for our Society and serve on the board as well.

Connect with me!

Facebook - Trish Johnston Art Space

Instagram - @Trishjohnstonart

Trish Johnston
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