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Marilyn Salter

Like a majority of my adult artist friends, I enjoyed being considered “artistic” at an early age and therefore, spent many enjoyable hours through the years developing in that direction. I received my AA degree in Art, but being a practical soul, I changed my major as a college junior so that I became a Home Economist in Business in Los Angeles after graduation.

That career, then marriage and parenting, filled my life for many years. Oh, I decorated our home —chose colors for the bedspread, cute pictures for the children”s rooms, sewed color coordinated clothes for their first day of school, and happily arranged flowers all over the house from the garden. We can do all of that “artistically”, but many years later, when I took a painting class at Clark College with a friend, I suddenly remembered how much I loved creating pictures and how much I missed the whole process.

Since that night class, I have taken numerous painting workshops and classes. I am still learning and loving being back to my original passion of creating art.

My favorite subjects are animals, especially beloved pets, people, and the cactus flowers I have discovered since my husband and I have been wintering in Arizona. I enjoy working with watercolor paint, pastels, and just recently, tackling acrylics.

I am pleased to know my paintings in all three mediums are hanging many places throughout the United States and (at least one) in Canada!

Marilyn Salter
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