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Judith Howard

I started signing my acrylic and watercolor paintings jspHoward in 2008 after many years away from the brush when life got in the way of painting. I found myself with a big awkward empty wall space in my remodeled home in Vancouver, WA. By coincidence it perfectly fit a three foot square canvas! But white was not color so I splashed some red acrylic on it before our open house. Then I needed to finish this project so I enrolled in Susie’s art media class at Clark College. I was back in the groove again!

I am a member and Board member of Southwest Washington Watercolor Society, and have shown my work in various locations in the Clark County area, and even won a couple ribbons. My paintings now hang in homes and businesses from Canada to Arizona.

People ask me how long I have been painting. My answer is “always.” From the time I could pick up a crayon I have enjoyed color. I thought at one time I would be a textile designer but practicality took over and I went into administration and early childhood education. Now, finally, I am letting the many colors and images flow onto paper and canvas, and getting to share them through exhibits and shows. I love color, every color! So I hope you will follow me on Facebook to see how this artist evolves in the years ahead

Watercolor and acrylic painting now for the past 10 years, my recent paintings are the result of contemplation of God’s presence in this world. – Judith

Judith Howard “Provision”

Red Shed

Work in Process – Final


Winter Glow

Winter Birds

Heaven Earth

Great Day

Judith Howard
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