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Artists Helping Artists

Southwest Washington Watercolor Society, offers it's Members, their guests & persons interested in Watercolor an opportunity to learn techniques from other Artists.  We meet at Clark College on the second Saturday of the month from 1pm to 4pm, (Jan - June, Sep & Oct), in the Frost Art Building, Room 103.

Each month there is an Artist demonstration, after which there is time to "Paint Along" if you want. People attending, bring their own materials. At this time there is no charge. 



2024 AHA's

January 13 - Mary Emert, Watercolor and Ink

*Picture example below*


Mary will guide us into the world of enhancing our watercolor paintings by adding ink to bring out the hidden and not so hidden details in our flowers. Yes, it works on landscapes as well.


February 10 - Margaret Webb, Leaves


*Picture example below*


We will join Margaret in uncovering the secrets of painting leaves. Leaves appear in many of our paintings. There are many colors, adding different element to the technique. Margaret has been intentional in her painting of leaves and will share what she has discovered with us.

March 9 - Tao Zhou, Urban Landscapes


*Picture example below*


There are landscapes and then there are urban landscapes.  Each requires a different set of techniques. This AA will feature Tao Zhou and the urban landscape.

April 13 - Diana Thewlis, painting Glass


*Picture example below*


Diana Thewlis will help us uncover the secrets around painting glass in watercolor.  We often say" wow" when it's done well.  Here's your chance to create your own "wow."

May 11 - Patti Kraft, Pop-Up Cards

Patti is an artist from Oregon City. She will introduce us to watercolor pop-up cards.This fun adventure will be brand new to many of us. A list of supplies will be provided closer to the dte of the AHA.

June 8 - Save the Date

September 14 - Save the Date

October 12 - Save the Date

Thank you to Barbara Brower for organizing all of these AHA's

March 9

Tao Zhou - Urban Landscapes

Margaret Webb - Leaves

Mary Emert - Watercolor & Ink

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