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Corinne McWilliams

As a child growing up on a Pennsylvania farm, nature and art were the foundations of my world. My father, who studied and taught oil painting, taught me to see the world with an artist’s eye. The colors and shapes, light and shadow of the natural world hold a never-ending fascination for me.

Over the years my interest in art has led me down a winding path. My fascination with the qualities of colored light led me first to work with beads. Parallel interests in spinning and weaving led me to create works of art with beads and silk threads which I dyed and spun myself. These pieces have appeared in juried exhibits, in galleries and by invitation in shows across the country.

Sixteen years ago I began to study and explore watercolor as a medium to express the light and color of the world. In the past I painted mostly florals and still life. More recently. I have begun to focus on people as the primary subject of my paintings. I have studied with several nationally known teachers and my work has been exhibited in Ireland as well as in the Pacific Northwest.

Corinne McWilliams
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