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Carol Lytle

My name is Carol Lytle. When I was young, I would watch my Aunt Joan paint and felt drawn to what she was doing. I loved the way things came to life. When I was in college I saw my older brother Alan doing some watercolor work and I was amazed at the color that would swirl around his paper. It was like magic. Once I raised my four boys, my heart lead me to an art teacher and wonderful artist friends that introduced me to the wonderful world of color and magic and I started to paint. I started my art quest at age 50 years old and I love every chance I get to pick up my brush and create. I started my classes in some figure drawing and then went to oil, watercolor and pastel. I am continuing my courses and workshops and I love the chance to learn and create and draw about life and the things I love.

Find more of Carol's work at her website and on Etsy



St. Bernard



Getting Out of the Rain

Carol Lytle
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