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JoyLynn Woodard


I was born and raised in California and from my youngest years had a real love and talent for art. To foster this natural gift my mother would encourage me with new coloring books and crayons. When I reached high school my teachers thought I had such a good talent for art that I should take an art class. That is where I created my first oil painting which helped me develop my style; however, through the years, watercolor has become and remains my passion.

After graduating from high school I worked in positions that allowed me the opportunity to do graphic design, paste-up and layout, collage, greeting cards, various artist crafts and photography. I still draw from these experiences today.

Being well known for my art is a dream. I feel that my paintings are bright, attractive and familiar, like paintings of animals and familiar places. I like getting ideas from other people for new drawings and paintings. I hope my artwork brings joy and pleasant memories to all.

Wanting to dispel the myth that watercolor painting is the most difficult median, I rose to the challenge with persistence in finishing paintings and finding ways to unlock my inspirations. That is what drives me to continue painting.

(503) 819-6755

One More Roundup

Cellar Music

Horse of Many Colors

Flower Wagon


JoyLynn Woodard
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