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Spring Workshop 2022 with Gloria Miller Allen

Power Tools for Powerful Paintings

March 29-April 1, 2022 9am-4pm

Location: Hampton Inn on Mill Plain Avenue

Gloria always has great variety in her choice of subjects. It might be a pile of rocks, a patch of grass, a crowd of people, an animal, or simply a chair; but whatever the subject, the main interest is always 1) design, 2) value (light & dark) and 3) color-in that order. Skill level required? Gloria says “It works fine to have a mixed group of students. Often, groups consist of a few inexperienced people and a few professionals, but it works. Everyone learns from everyone.” Gloria’s workshop has many academic studies and usually after the first hour or so, even beginners feel comfortable. She believes that art is an eternal challenge. “You never reach perfection, but you never want to stop reaching. We all fit in somewhere. The objective of my workshop is to take growth steps toward your personal goals, no matter how far along the artistic journey you are today.”

COST: $350 for SWWS Members, and $400 for non-members



More information of Gloria’s watercolor experience

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